Hell'O (Special Guest III)

Hell’O is an artistic duo composed of Jerôme Meynen and Antoine Detaille. They quickly left behind graffiti letters and spray paint in favor of paper, characters, ink drawings and paint, moving on to sculpture, installations and wall drawing. They developed an unique graphic vocabulary that is complex and ambiguous, which they continue to expand in the course of their creative output, customizing many recurrent elements, which they combine each time with new characters, or incorporate into unusual settings.

The Special Guest’s Edition brings the artist the opportunity to break the distance between him and the onlooker, and also give users the chance to build unique artworks combining Hell'O's and Felipe’s pieces. This edition is formed by a total of 15 different pieces.

 "I really enjoy working with talented people on innovative projects that help push us out of our comfort zones. This always leads to new paths and creations."