Configurable Residency Program is an one-week art residency at Felipe Pantone's studio, located in Valencia (Spain). It concludes with the fabrication of a limited edition art piece.

The selected artists will work with Felipe Pantone and his team developing a limited edition: from the concept, prototype to the final product.

Once the edition is produced, it's dropped through the Configurable's website and profit will be split 50-50 :) 


September 2022

Ghizlane Agzenaï

(Tanger, Morocco - 1988)

Ghizlane is a self-taught visual and street artist whose colorful structure totems have become part of the urban landscapes of cities like Berlin, Barcelona, Casablanca and Paris among others. Her unique assembly process of geometrical pieces with abstract lines, share the essence of what the Configurable Residency Program was searching for. Agzenaï will be joining FPSTUDIO next September where she will work alongside Felipe Pantone, and his team to develop and produce an exclusive edition art-piece, which will be released on Configurable website.

Felipe Pantone has always been a great inspiration for me.

I like his artistic vision and his way of always pushing his boundaries to produce astonishing new work.

I got to see the everyday life at his studio and the different machines they are using. Working with a team was great! It allowed me to open the possibilities of creation and I chose to work principally with Plexiglas for this totem. I also enjoyed the fact that it was easy and quick to think of an idea and have the opportunity to test it directly thanks to the facilities at the studio.

This residency was definitely an amazing experience, I learned a lot and I loved being in such an inspiring environment. 


Ghizlane Agzenaï
Edition of 20 + 5 AP's

Tuesday, February 14th 202)

Ghizlane Agzenaï

Ghizlane Agzenaï

Ghizlane Agzenaï

Ghizlane Agzenaï


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