• Subtractive Variability Kosmos Axis [PRE-ORDER]
  • Subtractive Variability Kosmos Axis [PRE-ORDER]
  • Subtractive Variability Kosmos Axis [PRE-ORDER]
  • Subtractive Variability Kosmos Axis [PRE-ORDER]

Subtractive Variability Kosmos Axis [PRE-ORDER]

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Thursday, February 8th 2024
10am NYC / 4pm Madrid

Felipe Pantone
Edition of 200
(20 AP)  

35 x 30 x 15.5 cm 
14 x 12 x 6 in
UV paint, UHS lacquer, PMMA, aluminum, stainless steel, ball bearings
kg. / 6,6 lb
Signed and numbered by the artist
Certificate of Authenticity

Configurable Art is pleased to present Subtractive Variability Kosmos Axis, a table sculpture composed of three translucent discs in cyan, magenta, and yellow, firmly arranged on a rotating aluminum support and base.


SVK AXIS is part of the series of works titled Subtractive Variability Kosmos, a nod to celestial equilibrium and order. Activated by a balanced interplay of weights and bearings, the sculpture displays captivating choreographies while rotating around its axis, resembling a gyroscope that unveils infinite variations of the color wheel.


Acquiring one of the limited 200 editions ensures inclusion in a first-choice newsletter and exclusive access to selected events at Casa Axis, the residence of Felipe Pantone Studio, a space-age architectural structure once known as the "rotating house." The kinetic sculpture pays homage to this unique place through its rhythmic movement, evoking a sense of perpetual rotation. 


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Felipe Pantone

Felipe Pantone evokes a spirit in his work that feels like a collision between an analog past and a digitized future, where human beings and machines will inevitably glitch alongside one another in a prism of neon gradients, geometric shapes, optical patterns, and jagged grids.

Based in Spain, Pantone is a byproduct of the technological age when kids unlocked life’s mysteries through the Internet. As a result of this prolonged screen time, he explores how the displacement of the light spectrum impacts color and repetition.

For Pantone, his art is a meditation on the ways we consume visual information. Drawing inspiration from kinetic artist like Victor Vasarely and Carlos Cruz-Diez (who both worked with movement, his contemporary work deals with dynamism, transformation, digital revolution, and themes related to the present times.

“Color only happens because of light, and light is the only reason why life happens”