Configurable's Modular Art System, a one-year art project designed by Felipe Pantone

Based on the idea of collaborative art and the intervention of the work, Pantone invites the spectator to participate in the creative process of the artist by an intuitive configuring tool called 'Build Your Own™'.

Build Your Own™ is a website where the user can create dynamic artworks by interacting with different elements based on Felipe's motives, allowing an infinite number of unique designs. Once the artwork has been created,  the customer can place an order and receive it at home. Finally, the artwork can be installed thanks to a 2-step magnet system.

Artist's Series, composed by the different elements with prices and sizes settled, were designed to remain on the page for a maximum of six months, creating an endless cycle of options.

In order to connect the different Series during the year, each edition keeps the same piece's sizes. Collectors could add new pieces or replace them, becoming a never ending artwork.



Special Guests: Futura, Vhils & Hell'O

During this year, Felipe invited Futura, Vhils and Hell'O Collective in three different one-month Editions. Like their world-famous work, these editions blend different techniques and materiales: acrylic panel, treated wood and MDF panel respectively.

With these Special Guests, Felipe goes further in his idea of a collaborative project. During the month it lasted, spectators could mix and match Pantone's pieces with Guests' pieces, creating  unique artworks with pieces of two different artists.